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The Russian Trade and Clearing House project.

ALKOR Group of companies (Russian Academy of Natural Sciences) offers a suggestion of the creation of Russian Trade and Clearing House (RTCH), that operates as Exchange and Exchange settlement (Clearing) House. The project gives the opportunity to develop the commodity, financial, stock, and currency markets in Russia and also, the market of derivatives (futures and options). RTCH could be used for the settlement services of forwards and ex pit transactions. That will allow to solve the problem of the mutual non-payments between producers and consumers of the structure-forming production (as metals, agriculture, power grids)


In our opinion, at the real time, the members of the Exchange are in deep need for a wider instruments in commodity, financial, stock, and currency markets. That will allow them to create "an investment portfolio" and provide the transactions at the same time in different sectors of the market and to distribute the assets between them. We cannot solve this problem, because none of the existing Exchange structures in Russia have the needed technology of the trade operations, neither the technology of mutual settlements and guarantied fulfill of obligations.


ALKOR Group of companies worked out a business plan documents to create RTCH (the detailed papers of the project including: Memorandum of RTCH, it's internal structures and the draft resolution of the Russian Government on this subject). These documents have been approved by appropriate Committees of the State Duma (Parliament) and after that along with the letter from the State Duma at the name of the Prime Minister (the letter N 3.11-21/1827 on the 5th November, 1998) have been passed to the Russian Government for the resolution. At the real time, the resolution of the Government has been not taken yet and the reason for that is the change of the Government itself and lack of funds for this project.


It worth to note that the organizers of RTCH as a State unit, will play a leading role in the field of commodity and clearing settlements in Russia and CIS countries and other countries that have economic and trade relations with the Russian Federation.We estimate that during the next 3-5 years of active work RTCH could reach an annual trade volume amounted to the tens of billion of USA dollars. At the same time the earnings of RTCH itself could reach from hundreds million to billion of USA dollars.

We offer to create RTCH on the base of a new technology that was done by ALKOR Group of companies. This technology includes the new theory of Exchange and program automated system. The technology had been produced by the specialists that have good skills and experience in the creation of the similar systems in Moscow Commodity Exchange (MCE). The conception of the technology have been discussed with the leading specialists in NYMEX and got a very high and positive comment from them. The creation of the 'Exchange technology based on full automated systems and providing clearing transactions related with commodity ones at real time and their risk management is considered as a complicated theoretical and practical task. It relates to the field of high tech. which defines the prestige of a State. Nowadays such technologies are considered as a strategically direction of the development of the world Exchanges. ALKOR Group of companies has patented this technology and got a patent for its program Exchange automated system (patent N 2109335 on 18.06.97). Except that, there were registrated two program complex including: Exchange and Clearing House program and Educational program for training Exchange participants (There are Certificates N 960220 and N 960221).


The discoveries which ALKOR Group of companies has made is a part of official Governmental program of development of the infrastructure of exchange in the Russian Federation for the period from 1998 to 2005 adopted by the resolution of the Russian Government N593 on June 15th 1998 Appendix 1 "First arrangements of the development of infrastructure of the trade market of the Russian Federation from 1998-2005" Section 16 "The creation of all Russia Commodity Exchange market and Russian Clearing House on the base of automated and programmed technology").


The introduction of the technology and program of ALKOR Group companies in one of the operating Exchange in Russia could lead to its total practical and technical rebuild, that will mean in fact the creation of a new Exchange. So we offer to create in Russia a new Exchange structure that would be based on a new level of practical, technological and law principals. Our strategically aim is to establish a new strong financial institution in Russia which will transform to one of more advanced financial and exchange centers in the world.


The large scale and great significance of the said project looks for a financial support especially for creation of RTCH infrastructure. We hope that such a project will attract your attention and financial support and will benefit to both our sides.


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